Remember The Golden Heart Adventure is a fundraiser! We have prizes for the team that brings in the most money and if you are a top fundraiser for your companies team, we'll buy your team mates lunch in your honor!

Some great Fundraising ideas:
  • Have a garage sale! It's easy, fun and a great way to make money! One of our teams made  $2,000.00 in July!
  • Dedicate your Birthday to your fundraising efforts for your team. We alll have a lot of "stuff" do we really need more? Donating your birthday to the future of our special needs kids is going to feel great.
  • Connect your company! Does your company match donations? Connect us with your HR person, and we'll take from there!
  • Host a paint and pour... we'll help you do it. It's fun and easy!
  • Get Creative! Share your winning ideas with us!